About Hon Hai

Working Environment and Employee Safety

  • The Company updated Health and Safety Management System in 2019, and have received SGS Certifications ISO45001 and CNS45001.
  • During the COVID-19 epidemic, regular epidemic prevention meetings were held to formulate relevant measures to create a safe and healthy workplace for colleagues.
  • The Company has formulated the safety and health policy and promised to achieve the goal of zero injury, zero occupational disease and zero accident so as to create a best working environment for all employees.
  • Plan and implement factory health and safety related operations. Recipient of the Ministry of Labor 2019 "National Occupational Safety & Health Award" (Highly Commended) and "National Occupational Safety & Health Staff Achievement Award". Furthermore, recipient of the “Outstanding institutions Award” & “Professionalism and safety & health personnel Outstanding Award” of the New Taipei City
  • The Company has, according to the Implementation Rules for Public Institutions on Records of Labor-hour without Occupational Injury, taken part in the competition of non-occupational injury. In 2020, the Tucheng factory has a recorded 10.31 million labor-hours without occupational injury. For the same year, Dingpu factory has on record 2.01 million labor-hours without occupational injury.
  • Industrial safety: A Safety and Disaster Prevention Center is set up at the Tucheng headquarters. Each plant can exchange safety messages instantly, provide immediate safety and disaster prevention information, and can focus on emergency response personnel training, thus strengthening the Hon Hai Group’s safety and disaster prevention system.
  • Security and Fire Protection System Management: Managed the factory safety and security equipment, and constructed the industrial safety cloud and other modules to ensure that the software, hardware, and management mechanisms for the factories are in normal operation. Implemented infrared thermal imaging detections for the electric plates and other electrical equipment in the factory and established the infrared thermal imaging promotional team trainings. A total of 14 seed employees have completed reports, identified and corrected the problems, and effectively reduced the fire risks in the factories.
  • Occupational health: Inventoried the physical and chemical hazards of the various units according to the annual safety and health management plan, completed the sampling strategy of the operating environment monitoring plan, and the monitoring results are in compliance with the standard.
  • Education and Training: In 2020, the Company performed a plant safety and health month in Taiwan, which include: positive energy, scenario experience activities, emergency adaptability, and special subject seminars. A total number of 5,240 employees took part in the 25 sessions. Furthermore, a total of 15 suggestions have been enacted upon to enhance staff workplace safety.