• When was Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (Hon Hai or the Company) Founded?

    Hon Hai was founded on the 20th February, 1974.
  • When was Hon Hai Listed?

    Hon Hai was listed on the TWSE on the 18th June, 1991.
  • What is the accounting period for Hon Hai?

    Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) adopts the Calendar Year account period, from the 1st of January to 31st of December annually.
  • What is the current number of shares issued?

    For relevant information, please refer to the "Market Observation Post System" (MOPS), under "Profile". MOPS Website: https://emops.twse.com.tw
  • When does Hon Hai disclose monthly revenue?

    According the relevant securities regulations, the Company discloses operating status of the previous month, before the 10th of each month.
  • What is Hon Hai's Ticker Number?

    The Company's TWSE ticker is 2317.
  • What are the historical dividend payouts for Hon Hai?

    Please refer to the Dividends Information section of the website for dividend payouts.
  • How to participate in dividend issuance?

    Shareholders must hold shares before the ex-right ex-dividend date in order to be eligible for dividend issuance.
  • When does Hon Hai announce quarterly financial reports?

    Please refer to the Company Activities Calendar for financial report announcement dates.
  • How to contact Hon Hai's stock transfer agent?

    Common Share Transfer Agent and Registrar
    The Transfer Agency Department of GFortune Securities Co., Ltd.
    6F, No 6, Sec.1, Chung Hsiao West Road, Taipei, Taiwan 10041.
    • TEL: +866 - 2 - 2371 - 1658
    • FAX: +866 - 2 - 2371 - 5618
    • Website: http://www.gfortune.com.tw

    GDR Depository Bank
    Citibank Depository Receipt Services
    • 388 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10013, U.S.A
    • Phone: +1-877-248-4237
    • Outside USA: +1-816-843-4281
    • E-mail: citibank@shareholders-online.com
    • Website: http://www.citi.com/dr

    Investor Relations
    Alex Yang / Nick Huang / Harriet Chen / Wei-wei Jen
    • TEL: +886-2-2268-3466
    • Website: ir@foxconn.com