Sustainable Operations = EPS + ESG

ESG Insight

HON HAI 2021 ESG Insight Abstract

Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) adheres to our commitment of “Sustainability Management = EPS + ESG”, with 6 ESG strategies and 32 long-term ESG targets formulated in 2022 as cornerstones to the Group's core tenet. In 2021, Hon Hai has made strides to achieve net zero across the board by 2050, applying for goal setting with the SBTi 1.5°C target, utilizing the TCFD framework and becoming a Supporter of the initiative. Socially, the Group maintains proactive accounting and initiatives across the value chain and have seen marked improvements in employee turnover, training hours, and communication throughout. With a dedicated Sustainability Committee, commitment towards female board representation, stringent internal control, and stringent ethical management policies, Hon Hai continues to establish a solid foundation of corporate governance into the future.