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Hon Hai Group
Czech Republic
Corporate Governance
Organization Chart
Department functions
Chairman’s Office Responsible for setting up strategies and developing new businesses, evaluating investment areas and targets, defining forward-looking research, investors, and media communications.
Cost Management Responsible for business analysis, budgeting and cost control
Financial and Accounting
  • Financial - Responsible for financial matters, capital planning, and scheduling.
  • Accounting - Responsible for accounting matters
Global Procurement Responsible for purchasing raw materials needed by the Company for production and manufacturing and adjusting the procurement strategies according to industrial prospects.
Human Resources Responsible for comprehensive management of such businesses of the Company as personnel, checking attendance and recruitment etc.
Legal and Intellectual Property
  • Responsible for regulatory compliance of the company, reviewing of contracts, and handling and processing of litigations.
  • Responsible for the management, use, and strategic planning of the Company’s intellectual property and rights; and handling of intellectual property related cases.
Information Technology Responsible for establishing, maintaining, managing, controlling and auditing the global information system of the Company and setting up safe management and control and firewall and other relevant mechanisms; also in charge of connecting global network communication systems of the Company, ERP, KM, virtual office and other platforms.
Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Responsible for making the Group's global environmental protection policies, setting goals, and conduct effective audits in various regions, nuclear management and optimize the environmental  management of the company's operations.
  • Responsible for promoting global industrial safety, fire, chemical safety. Strengthening security completing management system, implement production safety and management categories.
Business Group A Responsible for smartphones and related operations.
Business Group B Responsible for wearables, tablets, laptop computers, smart speakers and related operations.
Business Group C Responsible for precision molds, electrical engineering R&D, production, and structural component production and material application related operations, and testing and verification platform services.
Business Group D Responsible for personal computers, printers, monitors, smart office, smart home, and related operations.
Business Group E Responsible for LCD TV, gaming devices, smart robots, electronic control modules, AIOT modules, and related operations.
Business Group S Responsible for semiconductor equipment, panel driver IC, amplifiers, and related operations.