Sustainable Operations = EPS + ESG

Letter from our Chairman

Despite unprecedented economic and social advancements, The Group has continually adhered to a path of sustainable development which facilitates harmonious coexistence with the environment and mutual prosperity with society, as well as unceasing promotion of smart living, green ecological cycles, and benefits for earth and society. As a preeminent global electronics company, the Group takes a leading role in stabilizing society and the environment as per its standing as a world-class enterprise.

For implementation of this belief, the Group operates according to the “Sustainable Management =EPS+ESG” principle and works to make social and environmental ESG contributions while pursuing sustainable corporate development. We trust that the numerous challenges faced by mankind can be overcome by technological intelligence, which is why we strive to create comprehensive smart living products, enhance ecological environments, and realize an innovative and environmentally friendly lifestyle in tandem with leading global enterprises.

Sustainable Management

The Group has formulated development strategies and implemented new measures while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions through innovative technologies based on rigorous standards in response to climate issues, yet is still simultaneously active in participation of the Carbon Disclosure Project and Climate Action 100+, pledging to achieve a target of zero emissions by 2050. The Group was selected as a constituent of the “FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index” at year-end 2020 due to the company’s sustainable development achievements. Furthermore, all colleagues voluntarily organized beach and wetland clean-ups for protection of natural ecological environments.

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the Group integrated resources and invested in mask production in accordance with global governmental and social needs, successively launching mask production lines in Taiwan, China, India, Hungary, the US, and Mexico to cumulatively produce 240 million masks in less than a year for enhanced protection of our employees. Although these masks are technically the simplest products produced in the Group’s history, they hold an unbelievable level of symbolic importance. Surplus mask production capacity was contributed to assist communities in strengthening pandemic prevention measures.

The Group organized the Taiwan International Children Film Festival in collaboration with the Foxconn Education Foundation, bringing happiness and warmth to children from the Taitung Children's Home, the Rong-Guang Social Welfare Institution, the Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation, the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders, and the City People Foundation via award-winning animations from the German Film Festival; the children reveled in the experience while enjoying the protection of their face masks.

Focusing on potential social development crises triggered by declining birth rates in Taiwan, the Group is the first company to implement “childcare subsidies for employee offspring aged 0 to 6” for employees in Taiwan. Employees can receive up to 15,000 NTD in childcare allowances each month, and comprehensive counseling services are provided to female colleagues before and after pregnancy to support them in raising the next generation. Corporate care has been extended to employee spouses, children, and other family members as part of our initiative to build a carefree workplace environment.

Joint Development of Smart Innovations

The Group proactively adheres to the SDGs by enhancing ESG contributions and formulating ESG development strategies and targets. We constantly challenge ourselves and innovate continuously to demonstrate our determination toward industrial transformation through our “F1.0, F2.0, and F3.0” goals, creating unlimited possibilities for the future. An open sharing model for technologies was made possible following the launch of the MIH alliance, which gathers like-minded partners from all fields for collaborative progress in smart, green, and environmentally friendly products; ESG issues; and establishment of responsible manufacturing guidelines.

Promotion of ESG measures increases explicit costs, but we consider care, protection, and cultivation of our land to be part of our responsibilities as corporate citizens even as we reap the benefits of economic growth. The Group strives to provide the younger generation with opportunities to participate in and witness social developments while augmenting stakeholder confidence and trust in the Group.

For almost a century, the Group has battled challenges. Apart from focusing on core industrial growth, we also pursue innovative breakthroughs in operational concepts and industrial technologies based on the understanding that our current achievements stem from the efforts of our employees, the contributions of our supply chain partners, the trust of our clients, and the support of the general public. This is precisely why we maintain an attitude of gratitude and actively seek ways to give back to society. Through our path to achieve corporate social responsibilities may be long and winding, we believe our expertise in combination with that of our supply chain partners and industry peers can fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, increase social participation, and establish cornerstones for continued growth and sustainable development.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Chairman Young Liu
June 2021

CSR Committee

The Group Global CSR Committee was established in March 2007 and is headed by Group Chairman Young Liu. The CSR Committee reports on CSR progress to the Chairman every two weeks. CSR implementation results are reported monthly to the Board's Management Committee and at least once a year to the Board. CSR Committee has a dedicated staff responsible for compilation of CSR systems and regulations, monitoring of CSR policies and plans, regular follow-up and evaluation of CSR execution and performance, and review of CSR reports, as well as promotion and internalization of corporate social and environmental duties within the Group's corporate culture. Each business group under the Group has established CSR sub-committees to implement the Group's CSR policies; these sub-committees are supervised by the CSR Committee. The CSR Committee organizes internal audit activities each year and convenes personnel from dedicated units, including Human Resources, Fire/Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection and Energy/Carbon Reduction units. Internal audits for labor, ethics, health and safety, environment, and management systems are conducted at each factory in accordance with RBA standards to ensure compliance with CSR policies and guidelines.