Our Focuses

Sustainable Operations = EPS + ESG

Social Contribution, Win-Win Strategy

The Group believes that “life knows no limitations,” and therefore works to integrate Group resources and deploy the core capabilities of our innovative technology manufacturing business, support education efforts for disadvantaged groups, provide resources for rural areas, strengthen the foundations for the Group’s technology education programs, promote innovation and multidimensional development, and sponsor sports activities, in order to fulfill the corporate social responsibilities of the Group.
Specific Actions In 2021
for social welfare projects

Social Influence of the Group

Sports Sponsorship

Sports Sponsorship

Provide systematic long-term training to cultivate superior youth sportspeople to compete on a global stage.
  • Cultivated 21 sportspeople in 2021, with a cumulative total of 40 sportspeople fostered over the years, 17 of which represented Taiwan teams.
  • Supported the Yucheng Senior High School Boxing Team and facilitated the cultivation and training of more outstanding talent.
  • Achieved a stellar record of medals and awards in international competitions.
Rural Education

Rural Education

Broaden the horizons of children from rural areas and provide opportunities for them to challenge themselves and realize their potential so they can learn and grow.
  • Organized two “Meet the Future” career exploration programs that helped children understand future career selection prospects.
Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community

Contributed to surrounding communities in the spirit of giving back to society.
  • Organized a total of 649 service events in support of the disadvantaged; some service events recruited employee volunteers and more than 300 employees participated enthusiastically.
  • Worked with employees to assist surrounding communities with PCR testing and vaccination during the COVID pandemic. In 2021, over 340 employees served as pandemic prevention and control volunteers.
Multidimensional Education

Multidimensional Education

Deployment of multidimensional means beyond traditional schooling to help children discover their confidence, interests, and skills so they could develop their unique selves.
  • Supported and sponsored the 2021 Formula Student Taiwan competition, and introduced partnerships with the MIH Open EV Platform and Foxtron Vehicle Technologies to cultivate top talent in electric vehicles.
  • Supported the Chemistry Olympiad Exploration Camp and SCMS Training Camp, reducing fees for disadvantaged students and enhancing research quality.
  • Supported the Light and Salt Project to help dropouts discover their personal worth and learn professional skills.
  • Organized the Escape Room Study Camp for Seed Teachers to cultivate the hands-on practical skills and multidisciplinary integration capabilities required by high school and vocational school students.
Support for the Disadvantaged

Support for the Disadvantaged

Increase education levels for disadvantaged groups to assist them in tapping their unlimited potential and in moving forward with their dreams and aspirations.
  • In 2021, the Foxconn Scholarship Program awarded a total of 40 million NTD to 760 students to assist them in their studies.
  • In 2021, the Taiwan Hope Primary School tutoring classes for disadvantaged students provided instruction for around 5,000 people.
  • Organized English learning programs that assisted around 1,000 disadvantaged students in improving their English skills.
  • Organized the Word Therapy Program to assist wayward youth at Hsinchu Chengjheng High School, helping them to find strength through words as they explored their inner needs.
  • Supported the Agape Love and SST Caring Program for Youth to provide a welcoming shelter for disadvantaged students such as dropouts and traumatized students.
Technology Education

Technology Education

Provide advance preparation for novel technology education based global trends, in order to strengthen the science capabilities of the next generation.
  • Published the first long-format comic book on AI in Chinese-speaking areas, Studious League: Battle of the AI Sun Kingdom, and established an interactive technology gaming platform to share and promote AI education resources.
  • Organized AI study camps that led students from ten rural junior high schools in expanding their horizons to narrow the urban-rural technology education gap.
  • Organized the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence mini-course to foster knowledge of AI among high school students.
  • Organized quantum computer technology training camps for seed teachers and students of high schools and vocational schools to strengthen the foundations of quantum education.
  • Organized the Foxconn Tech Awards to cultivate more technology talent.
  • Organized multidimensional local and international competitions that received wide acclaim to cultivate the temperament and skills needed to face future challenges.
Camps with Invited Professional Speakers to Increase Competitiveness
Quantum Computing Seed Instructor Training Camps
“Meet the Future” Career Exploration Project