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Hon Hai Sets Sights on Driving Software Application Ecosystem

Announces the establishment of Software R&D Center with over 1,000 engineers and creates platform with Smart Cockpit, Gateway, Autonomous Driving applications in quest to redefine software for the automobile industry

Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), a global leader in smart manufacturing, today announced at the Hon Hai Tech Day 2021 (HHTD21) its plan to establish a software research & development center with over 1,500 talents across Hon Hai, with the intent to recruit over 1,000 more software development engineers in the next three years. This announcement demonstrates the determination of the Group to become a software-defined business in the future.

Hon Hai also announced the launch and partner enablement details around software innovations such as Smart Gateway, Smart Cockpit, Smart Autonomous Driving and other software applications. Dr. Zhang Yang, founder of, Dr. Shinpei Kato, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tier IV, as well as Dr. Xu Hongmin, CTO of Mobile Drive shared more on the nature of the collaboration as well as their views on the role of the platform, shared data, computing and applications in electric vehicle software development.

Following the unveiling of three electric vehicle models in the morning, HHTD21 breakout discussions on electric vehicles in the afternoon attracted hundreds of software developers and scholars in the field of software innovation. Conference participants discussed the application of Smart cockpit and ride experience as well as intelligent vehicle software such as AutoCore OS. Discussions also revolved around how to achieve the next generation of EV Zonal electronic and electrical architecture, including a demonstration of how safe vehicles work in real-life environments.

Young Liu, Chairman of Hon Hai Technology Group, said that Hon Hai has begun to transform into a software defined enterprise. As the electric vehicle business develops and matures, Hon Hai will look to launch its open platform and other software. The group will also introduce enhancements on the software platform over time.

Hon Hai also announced that it will set up a software R&D center with more than 1,500 software application talents within the group, and expects to recruit more than 1,000 senior software R&D engineers within three years, as an important starting point for "software-defined Hon Hai " in the future. The group welcomes those who are interested in the field of electric vehicle software to driving the future smart electric car together.

In the afternoon session of the HHTD21, top industry experts in the field of electric vehicle software development were invited to share their latest research findings and insights. Dr. Xu Hongmin, CTO of Mobile Drive shared his views on the development of Smart Cockpit and how to integrate AI technology into core services to provide a safe and advanced driving experience.

Dr. Zhang Yang, founder of, who is a world-renowned expert on smart electric vehicle development, shared his insights into automobile software and the success of as an EV computing platform independent of SoC. He demonstrated how the platform can provide low cost, low power, scalable and reliable systems development with safety. Doing so will allow it to function as an in-vehicle communication backbone.

Dr. Shinpei Kato, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tier IV, as a key strategic partner in the development of electric vehicle software, delivered a keynote discussing smart autonomous driving and showcased how Tier IV uses Autoware to drive autonomous vehicle commercialization and industry verification. He also talked about its collaboration with Hon Hai on self-driving integrated solutions and its plans globally.

At HHTD21, Hon Hai did not only reinforce the determination to electric vehicle software development, but also declare its software-defined enterprise model moving forward. In addition to recruiting more than 1,000 senior software R&D engineers in the next three years, the software R&D center planning process will be announced at an appropriate time in the future, and more results of software cooperation are expected to be displayed in the next Tech Day.